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We are living in the age of “big data”, which is destined to create transformational change by unlocking an infinite number of scientific and commercial opportunities.

Our experience and knowledge within the life sciences and other markets has led us to develop popular, user friendly and adaptable tools, enabling scientists, business leaders and teams to make efficient data driven decisions, quickly identify opportunities, and automate resource draining, repetitive tasks.

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Enabling Better Science

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Accurate Antigen

  • Enabling scientists to make better antibodies

Automation & Data Curation

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Web Based Data & Curation Tool

  • Enabling marketing leaders to obtain invaluable insights into the activity of their competitors

Enabling Business Solutions

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Lookup Tool

  • Enabling customer service staff quick access to product information
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Bespoke Software Solutions

We write specialist software designed by our in house team and can work closely with your business to meet your needs.

Web Crawling

We have worked on many web crawling projects. Collecting specific information for data analysis projects, content creation and more.

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