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PROTOCOL 1850 Millrace Drive, Suite 3A Eugene, Oregon 97403 Telephone: 1-800-910-6486 or 541-284-1800 · Fax: 541-284-1801 Customer Service: · Tech Support: Immunostaining for Flow Cytometry Rev.0 Background The combination of single cell analysis using flow cytometry and the specificity of antibody-based immunostaining makes a powerful tool for the cell biologist, pharmacol .... (Download Document)

BioLegend Releases Brilliant Violet 421™ Antibody Conjugates for Advanced Flow Cytometry Applications April 13, 2011 02:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BioLegend, Inc., a provider of antibodies and reagents for biomedical research, announced today .... (Download Document)

The University of Edinburgh School of Biological Sciences Institute of Immunology & Infection Research Flow Cytometry Core Facility Index / Instruments / Protocols / Biosafety Guidelines / Service Costs / Contact / Maps / Booking Diary / Site Content Instruments Protocols Biosafety Guidelines Service Costs Contact Maps Cytometry Links FlowcytometryUK .... (Download Document)

Search by: Same CST. New Website. Learn more Register  // Sign In  // Cart (0 items) Are you in Industry or Academia? Search .... (Download Document)

(101766-003) K2350/RUO/CLT/03.11.05 p. 1/2 Dako Denmark A/S | Produktionsvej 42 | DK-2600 Glostrup | Denmark | Tel. +45 44 85 95 00 | Fax +45 44 85 95 95 | CVR No. 33 21 13 17 APOPTEST™-FITC Code K2350 For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Annexin V-FITC Kit 100 µL Annexin V-FITC solution 3 x 1.7 mL 10x concentrated buffer 250 µg red solid Propidium Iodide Reagent provided 1 vial containing 100 µL Annexin V-FITC solution. 3 vials containing 1. .... (Download Document)

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Protocol for immunohistochemistry used to test TGF beta 1 antibody A: Solutions and Reagents 1. Phosphate buffered saline(pH 7.6): NaCl 137mmol/L, KCl 2.7mmol/L, Na2HPO4 4.3mmol/L, KH2PO4 1.4mmol/L 2. Citrate buffer,0.01 M,pH6.0,Sodium Citrate 3g, Citric acid 0.4g 3. 3%Hydrogen peroxide 4. Primary antibody 5. Blocking serum (normal serum) 6. Biotinylated secondary antibody 7. DAB staining kit B: Methods 1-Dewax and hydration slides through xylenes and EtOH 1) D .... (Download Document)

2D gel electrophoresis.doc Joao Leiva D:\Joao\protocols\2D gel electrophoresis.doc 08/16/01 2D gel electrophoresis Required solutions Cathode buffer: TRIS 7.6g Glycine 36g SDS 2.5g Fill up with ddwater to 250ml ESS (equilibration stock solution) SDS 2g Urea 36g EDTA 3mg 50 mM TRIS-HCl pH 6.8 10 ml Glycerol 35ml of 87% solution Fill up with ddwater to 100ml APS (ammonium persulfate solution) APS 400mg Disolve in 1ml of ddwater .... (Download Document)

Researcher , 2009;1(2) :67-86 Yang and Ma, Western Blot t ing Method Western Blotting and ELISA Techniques Yan Yang *, Hongbao Ma *, ** * Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York 11212, USA,; 347-321-7172 ** Bioengineer ing Depar tment , Zhengzhou Univers i ty , Zhengzhou, Henan 450001, China,; mahongbao2007@gmail .com; 01186-137-8342-5354 Abstract: Western b .... (Download Document)

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