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2D gel electrophoresis.doc Joao Leiva D:\Joao\protocols\2D gel electrophoresis.doc 08/16/01 2D gel electrophoresis Required solutions Cathode buffer: TRIS 7.6g Glycine 36g SDS 2.5g Fill up with ddwater to 250ml ESS (equilibration stock solution) SDS 2g Urea 36g EDTA 3mg 50 mM TRIS-HCl pH 6.8 10 ml Glycerol 35ml of 87% solution Fill up with ddwater to 100ml APS (ammonium persulfate solution) APS 400mg Disolve in 1ml of ddwater .... (Download Document)

Researcher , 2009;1(2) :67-86 Yang and Ma, Western Blot t ing Method Western Blotting and ELISA Techniques Yan Yang *, Hongbao Ma *, ** * Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York 11212, USA,; 347-321-7172 ** Bioengineer ing Depar tment , Zhengzhou Univers i ty , Zhengzhou, Henan 450001, China,; mahongbao2007@gmail .com; 01186-137-8342-5354 Abstract: Western b .... (Download Document)

1 BIOWORLD CONSULTING LABORATORIES, LLC PO. Box 658 Mt. Airy, MD 21771-0658 Tel: 410-635-8089 Fax: 410-635-6142 Instructions for ImmunoBooster™ IFA, IHC, IP Introduction The BIOWORLD Consulting Laboratories ImmunoBooster buffer contains optimized reagents that shorten the time to perform a typical IFA or IHC assay in 20 minutes. The buffers can be used with mouse, rabbit or human primar .... (Download Document)

Luminex 200 xPONENT 3.1 Instrument Setup Protocol Introduction: This protocol is a step-by-step method for setting up the xPONENT 3.1 software for running Luminex assays. Luminex technology employs microsphere beads, either polystyrene or paramagnetic, that are color- coded. 500 distinct bead color sets are available. Each bead set can be coated with a reagent specific to a particular bioassay, permitting the capture and detection of specific analytes from a sample. Inside the Lumin .... (Download Document)

Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project BDGP Resources Inverse PCR & Cycle Sequencing of P Element Insertions for STS Generation For recovery of sequences flanking PZ, PlacW and PEP elements For SuPorP, pGT1, and p{Epgy2} elements, see the Bellen lab web site [HERE] E. Jay Rehm Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project I. Quick Fly Genomic DNA Prep Standard fly mini prep ( .... (Download Document)

Jump to main content Jump to navigation homepage Publications A-Z index Browse by subject My account Submit manuscript Register Subscribe .... (Download Document)

Radial Immunodiffusion Radial ImmunodiffusionGeNeiTM GeNeiTM © © © © © Bangalore Genei, 2007 © © © © © Bangalore Genei, 2007 GeNeiTM Radial Immunodiffusion Teaching Kit Manual Cat No. New Cat No. KT10S 106098 Revision No.: 00300305 Radial Immunodiffusion Radial ImmunodiffusionGeNeiTM GeNeiTM © © © © © Bangalore Genei, 2007 © © © © © Bangalore Genei, 2007 CONTENTS Page No. ™ Objective 3 ™ Principle 3 ™ Kit Description 4 ™ Materials Provided 5 ™ Procedure 6 ™ Result 9 ™ Ordering .... (Download Document)

Preparation of cells for FACS analysis: Farnham lab protocol; modified 02/26/08 Prepare cells (this can be done up to two weeks in advance) 1. Trypsinize adherent cells using standard protocol (non-adherent cells can be counted directly). 2. Determine cell number. Use 105-106 cells/sample. 3. Add appropriate volume of cells to a conical tube and spin them down at 1000 rpm for 3 min. Aspirate off the media. 4. Vortex pellet at low speed, add 0.5 ml of cold PBS, vortex again for 2-3 second .... (Download Document)

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For the best experience on the Abcam website please upgrade to a modern browser such as .... (Download Document)

Hackam  Lab  Protocol   Immunohistochemistry  for  PFA  Fixed  Tissues     1. Dewax  and  hydrate  paraffin  embedded  tissue  sections:            Warm  slides  at  60°C  for  30’  in  vacuum  incubator   • Histoclear     2X5’   • 100%  ETOH     2X2’   • 95%         1X5’     • 70%         1X5’   • Water                                          1X5’ .... (Download Document)

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