PIK3CA (H1047R/+)

Human mammary epithelium, HME1 cell line, was derived from a 53-year-old patient undergoing reduction mammoplasty surgery (no history of breast cancer). The HME1 cells were immortalized by infection with the retrovirus pBabepuro+hTERT vector and cultured in complete growth medium containing puromycin until stable clones were selected. These cells do not undergo growth arrest; in cell culture, due to the exogenous expression of the telomerase gene (1-5).

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Category Cell Lines
Publication 1
Reactivity Human
Form DMEM/F-12 including 2.5 mM L-glutamine and 15 mM HEPES, supplemented with 10% FBS, 10
Storage Complete growth media 45%; USDA approved FBS 50%; DMSO 5% LN vapor (less than -130
Supplier Horizon Discovery
Catalog Number HD 100-002
Alternative Names PIK3CA, PI3K,p110-alpha,PI3K?

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