EGFR (?E746-A750/+)

Human mammary epithelium (HME) 1 cell line was derived from a 53-year-old patient undergoing reduction mammoplasty surgery (no history of breast cancer). The HME1 cells were immortalized by infection with the retrovirus pBabepuro+hTERT vector and cultured in complete growth medium containing puromycin until stable clones were selected. These cells do not undergo growth arrest in cell culture, due to the exogenous expression of the telomerase gene.

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Category Cell Lines
Publication 1
Reactivity Human
Form DMEM/F-12 including 2.5 mM L-glutamine and 15 mM HEPES, supplemented with 10% FBS, 10
Storage Complete growth media 45%; USDA approved FBS 50%; DMSO 5% LN vapor (less than -130
Supplier Horizon Discovery
Catalog Number HD 100-001
Alternative Names ERBB,ERBB1,HER1,PIG61,mENA,EGFR

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