Influenza A Virus (5D8) Antibody

Abbiotec's Influenza A Virus (5D8) Antibody is a Mouse monoclonal antibody (clone 5D8). The Influenza A Virus (5D8) Antibody was generated using Influenza A Virus as the antigen and it reacts with Virus, Bacteria/Archaea. This antibody has been shown to work in applications such as: Immunohistochemistry, Western Blot, Immunofluorescence, ELISA. Influenza viruses are common and highly infectious human pathogens. They are constantly mutating to modify their antigenicity and avoid elimination by immunity to previous generations of virus. The nucleoprotein of influenza A virus is a basic, phosphorylated multimeric protein consisting of 498 aa subunits that encapsidate the viral RNA genome to form a ribonucleoprotein particle. This antibody is specific for influenza A virus nucleoprotein and does not cross-react with influenza B virus

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Category Antibodies
Publication 0
Application ELISA, WB, IF/ICC, IHC
Host Mouse
Reactivity Viral, Bacterial
Clonality Monoclonal
immunogen Unpurified influenza A virus (H1N1 A/PR/8/34) for primary intranasal immunization, boosted intravenously with purified influenza A virus disrupted with Triton X-100 for 45 min at 37°C (2)
Supplier Abbiotec
Isotype IgG2a
Catalog Number 250370
Conjugation Unconjugated
Size 0.1 mg
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