Alpha-Fetoprotein (10B8) Antibody

Abbiotec's Alpha-Fetoprotein (10B8) Antibody is a Mouse monoclonal antibody (clone 10B8). The Alpha-Fetoprotein (10B8) Antibody was generated using FETA, HPAFP, alpha-fetoprotein, AFP as the antigen and it reacts with Human. This antibody has been shown to work in applications such as: ELISA. Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is a serum protein produced by hepatocytes. AFP levels are used as a tumor marker for hepatomas and germ cell tumors, and the serum concentration has prognostic significance in other diseases. Levels of AFP is 0.6-9.3 kIU/L in blood from normal individuals under the age of 40. Concentrations raise with age and during pregnancy. AFP consists of one single polypeptide chain of 590 aminoacids with MW 65 kDa. This antibody is specific for human AFP. Cross-reactivity with other species or similar molecules has not been investigated

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Category Antibodies
Publication 0
Application ELISA
Host Mouse
Reactivity Human
Clonality Monoclonal
immunogen Human alpha-fetoprotein isolated from amniotic fluid
Supplier Abbiotec
Isotype IgG1
Catalog Number 250329
Conjugation Unconjugated
Size 0.2 mg
Tissue Location

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