Properdin (10C5) Antibody

The Properdin (10C5) Antibody from Abbiotec is a Mouse Monoclonal antibody to 10C5 to PFC, BFD, PFD, CFP, Properdin, complement factor properdin. This antibody recognizes Human antigen. Properdin (10C5) Antibody has been validated for the following applications: Western Blot, ELISA. Properdin in plasma is a mixture of cyclic dimers, trimers and tetramers. The molecular weight of the glycosylated monomer is 53 kDa. Properdin is a regulator protein of the alternative complement pathway. It stabilizes the C3 convertase excerting its effect by binding to C3b in the C3bBb complex and thereby inhibiting cleavage of C3b by factor I and increasing the affinity for factor B. Serum concentration is approximately 25 µg/ml. This antibody is specific for human properdin

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Category Antibodies
Publication 0
Application ELISA, WB
Host Mouse
Reactivity Human
Clonality Monoclonal
immunogen Properdin isolated from human plasma (1)
Supplier Abbiotec
Isotype IgG1 kappa
Catalog Number 250304
Conjugation Unconjugated
Size 0.2 mg
Tissue Location

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